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Using Local, Handmade, Craft & Wild Ingredients BLIND DOG CATERING brings to life the soul of food...


We believe food has a story. We believe that recipes, vegetables, a single strawberry, a leaf of wild sorrel...they all have a story; and we're here to discover and preserve them. 

That's why we use real food from real farms. Our meat comes from the Hudson Valley and is ethically raised. Our vegetables and fruits come from a variety of farms in the area from Winterton Farms in Bloomingburg to Jenkins-Leuken Orchard in New Paltz, with many in between. 

We keepsake the most tangible, precious parts of this beautiful life by using family recipes, by going deep into the places from which we came and honoring that history by making edible pieces of it. We believe food is often the medium through which culture is carried and we work hard to bring that life and that unique experience to you in the present day. 

So, come try my grandma's recipe for Shrimp Creole, taste our crisp organic baguettes from Bread Alone Bakery in Lake Katrine, NY, and have a nibble on traditionally-made-and-cured soppressata crafted by hand at Fretta's in Milford, PA. 






1131 South Rd.
Wurtsboro, NY 12790



No Storefront Hours



From Estate Organic Rosé, deep Cabernet Franc with notes of Black Cherry to cocktails like the Blood Orange Sicilian Mojito, this winery has the liquid love you need to get your party started


PRICING & options


Hors d'oeuvres: 

Menus are available or can be specially made for your party. One option is to have an hors d'oeuvres menu. This allows your guests to enjoy many different small appetizers, walking around and mingling as they eat and drink. 


Light hors d'oeuvres, enough to be a light meal for each person, are: $17/person 

Heavy hors d'oeuvres, enough to act as a complete meal for each person: $23/person 


*Prices do not include rental of dishwater or linens. For linens, we suggest renting from Orange County Party Rental. 

*Dishware, including silverware, setup, and cleanup, is $3/person

*Disposable plates, plastic forks, paper napkins, etc may be purchased by the customer and used for no additional fee if desired in lieu of Chinaware 

*An additional fee does apply to all OFF SITE catered events, thank you for your understanding


Buffet-style entrée 

For a for filling and complete option, we would be happy to make an entrée-style menu for you. Hot dishes will be kept hot in beautiful chafing ware and platters will be arranged on pure silver trays. Guests serve themselves from the buffet, lined with main courses and sides to form a complete and beautiful meal. Guests may sit or stand while they eat. 



*For linen rental, please contact Orange County Party Rentals 

*Silverware and dishware rentals are an additional $5/person 


In a multi-course menu, there will be appetizers followed by main course with multiple sides, and also an optional dessert course. For this, guests usually stand and mingle during the appetizer course and then later sit down as they serve themselves from the buffet lined with delectable options, true silver platters, and classic chafing dishes to keep food hot/cold. 



*For linen rental, please contact Orange County Party Rentals 

*Silverware and dishware rentals are an additional $5/person 


Contact Us

Owner & Chef: Samara Ferris 


phone: 845.867.6260 


Where we cater

Bashakill Vineyards 

1131 South Road
Wurtsboro, NY, 12790
United States